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My dog training philosophy is...

  • Keep training positive and fun for you and your dog!
  • There is no need for harsh corrections or punishments.
  • Stress free training helps creates a wonderful relationship between you and your dog. 

I also believe....

  • A tired dog is a good dog!
  • It is very important to exercise your dog physically and mentally.
  • It is stressful for your dog to have the leadership role in your relationship. I can help you maintain the role as leader, and increase your communication with each other.

My training methods include...

  • Positive Reinforcement Training (praise, treats, and toy's) Teaches your dog that good behavior earns them the things they like.
  • No Reward Marker (Eh Eh, Oops) Teaches your dog the instant they do something wrong.
  • Food Lure Exercise guides your dog into almost any position (Sit, Down,Heel) without the use of force. Food is faded from training as your dog advances.
  • Clicker Training and more!

Once you experience professional dog training made simple, you will begin happy and healthy relationship with your dog.

Contact me today at 386.212.3696 to book your initial appointment. I look forward to working with you and your dog!


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